I believe that I am an artist first and foremost, because I am filled with longing.

I long to
see the invisible
touch the void
love the ugly
heal the broken
record the sounds of the soul
and give form to the indefinable.

I have an insatiable hunger to name and define my world, to celebrate story and passion. Art is the process of cutting open and laying bear my heart, that I might see its inner workings and understand its healing.

I use artistic creation to probe the depths of my heart and understand my story. I have found that involving my body in the movements of my heart, either through creation with my eyes and hands, expression with my body and voice through song and dance, or by turning my skin into a canvas for henna mehndi, art allows me to more fully exist as myself. Art brings a presence to my existence that I find addictive.

Externalizing my story has invited me into the lives of people in ways I never imag-
ined. When my skin bears a henna design symbolizing grief, or when I carry around
my life book (a blank notebook I fill with collages, journaling, art project ideas, grocery lists, book recommendations, CD suggestions, sketches and prayers), I get to connect with people because of the bridge art builds between us. Somehow, art warms those it touches, encourages them to peek outside their shells and teaches me compassion.


2 Responses to “Artist Statement”

  1. Anonymous said

    loved reading this, and getting a better glimpse into you…so want to see you life book.

  2. Mary said

    the above comment was from me. 🙂

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