April 27, 2010 “Book Artistry: Looking Beyond Words” Show and Opening Reception:

My Book-binding and Paper-making Class in conjunction with the KSU Rare Books Collection put on a show had an opening reception in the Anthenaeum at the KSU Sturgis Library.

The show itself (which will be on display till the end of the summer) showcased one of each of our books. For the opening reception, we brought out the rest of the books we created in the class, and visitors could put on the white gallery gloves and thumb through our creations.

Photo Gallery

January 2010: Old Navy Window Painting:

The Barrett Parkway Old Navy had a Cruise Sale, and I got to paint a huge mural on the front store window. I also painted a large map of the Caribbean for behind the registers.

Photo Gallery

December 2009: Family Portrait:

I completed an anachronistic family portrait for a friend’s family based on several different photographs, taken over several years. Anachronistic–meaning that the youngest wasn’t born yet, at the time the first picture was taken. But the way the baby clutches at his older sister’s dress, while she has her arm around him, tells it differently.

December 2009: Old Navy “Presenting One of Our Own…” Solo Christmas Show:

I was highlighted in a Christmas exhibition at the Barrett Parkway Old Navy in Kennesaw, Ga on December 12, 2009, featuring many of my black and white works spanning drawing, photography, collage, sculpture and digital illustration. (pictures coming soon!)

Aug. 2008: Fellowship Bible Church Commission-Core Values Presentation:

I was commissioned to design and illustrate a map that displayed, in a creative and easily understood manner, the core values of the church and how they related to the

different ministries the church offered. I worked closely with the artistic directors at the church, and my final works were ink and acrylic paintings on vellum. Unfortunately, the church ended up not using my work.
Feb. 2008: Art as Healing Night @ Canvas:

I was a part of a College Worship Community called Canvas. Prior to one meeting, I bought a large smattering of art supplies and as part of one of our gatherings, I
spoke briefly on the power and joy of art, as related to worship and healing, and led the group through an “art worship service.”
May 2006: Festival of the Arts at Church of the Redeemer:

I placed one of my favorite graphite drawings, entitled “Emmy” in the art gallery for the festival. “Emmy” was the first drawing I produced in which I felt I had captured not just the image of the person, but also the essence of their expression.


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