Bragging Rights

October 25, 2011

I’ve been designing the blog/website for the Little Red Barn Artist Sale in 2 weekends, and I just finished the website header while I was down with a cold this past weekend…TA DA!!

screen shot

I’m mighty proud. 🙂




Two Poems.

April 21, 2010

I love looking back through my Everything Books and discovering anew the bits of prayers and poems I’ve written. Here are two finished pieces.



The leaves at the tops of the trees

Sound like rain in the wind.


The Sparrows play at being leaves,

The Leaves at being birds,

I play at seeing for you,

Now that you play at being gone.

– Carlee Ott ©2007


Long Cycles of Redemption

I have seen too much redemption to be afraid.

But sometimes the darkness overwhelms me

And I clutch my candle in the cold.

Will you be a light for me when all other lights go out?


I’ve heard that broken glass shines brighter.

More surfaces of redemption to reflect.

But tonight, my hands are bleeding from these jagged edges

And my feet are bleeding from walking through his brokenness.


But I can hear your breathing

Even when I can’t see you.

And I will keep walking in the direction of your voice—

Even if it is just a whisper.

– Carlee Ott ©2007